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Looking Beyond the Cotton Tail and Bunny Ears

Okay, part of the reason for this piece is titillation following my lapsang souchong on screen moment at reading that one of the list MSPs for my region had a brief stint as a Playboy Bunny.

A fortnight ago, Jean Urquhart resigned from the SNP (but shows no inclination of stepping down as MSP) following the Party vote to drop its previous opposition to NATO membership. In 1967, as a 17 year old who claimed to be 18, she spent four weeks mostly, by her own recollection, in the cloakroom at the London Playboy Club.

The tagline of the the Daily Telegraph piece suggests the role was an unlikely one for someone who later would be seeking serious political discussions. Yet, at the same time, the cloakroom at the New York Playboy Club might have been an excellent venue to have an in-depth discussion about feminist theory and the distinction between domination and reciprocity in a sexualized situation.