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Like Father Like Son

Here is news which will surprise nobody:

The son of Islamist cleric Abu Hamza has been jailed for 11 years over an armed raid on a jewellers in Norfolk.

Imran Mostafa, 20, from Slough, was convicted with three others from London at Norwich Crown Court in September.

Gems worth £70,000 were stolen from a shop in King’s Lynn in January.

Jonathan Abdul, 18, from Fulham, was sentenced to 11 years, Ossama Hamed, 19, also of Fulham, eight years three months, and Ahmed Ahmed, 20, of Enfield, seven years and four months.

Judge Peter Jacobs said: “This was plainly a terrifying robbery.

“Staff were praying that they would not be shot and they continue to suffer trauma.”

Turning to the fate of Abu Hamza himself, there’s a boohoo piece in The Guardian – where else – which bemoans his misfortune:

One of the other British citizens who was extradited at the same time as Talha Ahsan is Mustafa Kamel Mustama, the severely disabled Muslim cleric better known as Abu Hamza. Hamza is now confined to a tiny cell in Ten South, the most restrictive wing of the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC), a pre-trial facility in lower Manhattan. MCC is known to insiders as a “Muslim Concentration Camp”. One source familiar with the facility, who spoke to me on condition of anonymity, said that “If you ask how many Non-Muslims are in Ten South, I would be astonished if the answer was anything other than zero.”

Amnesty International released a report last April decrying the “cruel conditions for pre-trial prisoners in US federal custody”, particularly those held in Ten South, where the cell windows are blacked out, the prisoners spend the entire day alone and where they are deprived of any outdoor exercise – “contrary to the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners”.

Hamza’s attorney, Jeremy Schneider, has told me that his client – who has lost both his arms – is only allowed limited use of his prosthetic limbsand is in a cell where no special arrangements have been made to accommodate his disabilities. Schneider, who can only see his partially blind client through a wire mesh and glass screen, said it is unclear how he is managing to shower, eat and perform basic bodily functions without the proper use of his prosthetics.

There is no mention in the article of the reason that Abu Hamza, and his co-detainees, are imprisoned.