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CagePrisoners mocks the victims of hurricane Sandy

This is a guest post by Aseer.


Fahad Ansari of al-Qaeda supporting CagePrisoners shows us, once again, why no one should regard that organisation as a legitimate human rights organisation. As hurricane Sandy smashed into the East Coast, claiming 146 lives in total, Ansari could barely contain his glee.

He taunted the Americans:

He also quoted a verse from the Quran which has nothing to do with hurricanes – but why let that get in the way of mocking the victims of a natural disaster?

This tweet was criticised by some of Ansari’s Muslim followers who accused him of manipulating verses from the Quran to support his political agenda. Ansari was unrepentant.

He previously slandered Gita Saghal as an Islamophobe, and showered the al-Qaeda theoretician Anwar al-Awlaki in encomium. He finds Awlaki “inspirational” and anyone is disagrees is an “enemy” of Allah.

And here’s Ansari comparing the capture of Aafia Siddiqui by American forces with a Muslim woman captured by the Romans during the reign of Mu’tasim.

[From 27 seconds] There was a time when a Muslim sister was taken prisoner by the Romans and during her captivity, one of these Roman guards, he slapped her. This woman, she cried out to the ruler of the time ‘Ya Mutasim’ [Oh Mutasim!], she cried out and word got – and slowly word came to the Calipha of the Muslims at the time, and when he heard of it, what was his reaction? Did he cry? Did he shed tears? No, what Mutasim said, he wrote a letter, to the Roman ruler and he said to them that if you do not release this woman I will send an army against you and when the front ranks of that army reach you, the last ranks of that army will not have left my palace. Allah Akbar, this was a time when the Muslims had Izzat [honour], this was a time when Muslims had dignity. And today, we have a similar situation, if not a worse situation, with the plight of our sister, our mother, our daughter, Affia Siddiqui.

Now then, what do you think the unspoken corollary is here?

This tells us everything we need to know about CagePrisoners. They might claim to be a human rights organisation, but the truth is clear: they’re naked supporters of al-Qaeda who cheer death and destruction when it occurs in the West.