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Galloway: Syria under Assad will be victorious

Guest post by DaveM

For someone who claimed he was not and is not with the Syrian regime he sure has a funny way of demonstrating his opposition to Ba’athist tyranny. Let’s not forget this is a regime which carries out air strikes on its capital city

He’s the guy who publicly called Bashar Al Assad the last Arab ruler and while everybody else was no longer in any doubt about the brutality of the Assad and his Ba’ath regime he was sending his “Right to Return” convoy through Syria in an act of which can only be described as political suicide.

He’s been at it again and this time according to Syrian state and semi-official media he’s been proclaiming that Syria under Bashar Al Assad will triumph in a global war being waged against it and has been calling on countries to end military support to the opposition.

BEIRUT, (SANA) – British MP George Galloway affirmed that the global war currently being waged on Syria is similar to the one waged against Egypt in 1956, voicing confidence that Syria will be victorious over this war under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad similar to the victory of the late Jamal Abdelnasser.

During a meeting with former Lebanese President Emil Lahhoud in Beirut on Tuesday, Galloway stressed that the Syrian leadership will not be defeated, underlining the need for the plan launched by former UN Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan to bear fruit and for countries to stop providing military support to the Syrian opposition.

Syrian TV channnel Alikhbaria followed up on Galloway’s statement’s with this report.

“Anyone who has visited Syria and got acquainted with its people and spent days living between its cities and villages will know the truth of its resistant people who are living through an epic national battle in order to protect their unity, the safety of their sons and their national sovereignty over all of their land.

“British MP George Galloway said that the global war which is being waged against Syria resembles the one which was waged against Egypt in 1956, expressing his trust in Syria’s victory with the leadership of President Bashar Al Assad just as the departed leader Gamal Adl Nasr was victorious.

“Galloway confirmed during his visit to Beirut that the Syrian leadership will not be defeated, emphasising the necessity for the plan launched by the former UN envoy to Syria Kofi Annan to succeed. And for countries to stop supporting the Syrian opposition militarily.

“The British MP confirmed the role of the colonial powers in supporting the Zionist project and seeking to control the Middle East. He said that the majority of Americans complain about the adherence of their country’s politics with the Zionist policies.

“That a known British thinker draws a similarity between Syria’s current circumstances and Egypt’s situation in 1956 clearly indicates that Syria is fighting a momentous battle to protect the unity of its people, the Arabism of its land, and the protection of it’s national stability from subordination and submission.

“Those who follow George Galloway’s tours and his media discussions confirm that he continually defends Syria because it safeguards Arabs’ dignity and it still resists the Zionist project in the region. And will not relinquish its stances and principles despite the enormity of the pressures and conspiracies which is it subject to.”

That sure is one hell of an endorsement for someone who claims not to be with the regime!

And what was he doing visiting Bashar Al Assad’s ally Émile Lahoud anyway?