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Baruch Oybama

A well known smear of the far-right in the Republican Party is that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim. It appears their efforts to poison the minds of the US electorate have been, somewhat, futile.

Mediaite reports:

According to a new Associated Press survey, more Americans believe President Barack Obama is Jewish than believe that the president is a Muslim; while a plurality of the surveyed individuals believe he has “no religion.”

The survey, conducted using 1,071 random adults during the first week of September, asked, “Do you happen to know the religion of [Barack Obama]?”

The results were as follows:

Protestant — 28%
Catholic — 5%
Mormon — 0%
Jewish — 18%
Muslim — 10%
Other religion — 2%
No religion — 35%
Don’t know — 2%
Refused/Not Answered — 28%

Interestingly, the percentage of Americans who believe Obama is Jewish up from 0% in 2010, while the 10% of those who believe Obama to be of the Muslim faith is down from 17% two years ago.

Ouch! That’ll hurt the efforts of the recent cottage-industry established from within the GOP right that has tried to vilify the President with false accusations and mud-slinging about his religion and even his citizenship. Madness.

Troofers who find their way to Harry’s Place can find redemption, here.

Gene adds: It was a typo. Zero percent of respondents believe Obama is Jewish. Eighteen percent of respondents believe Obama is a Muslim.