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All he needed was a little encouragement

In March of last year, a few days before the uprising against the Assad regime in Syria broke out, George Galloway assured us:

Of course Syria is not the richest place, and there are extreme divisions between the very rich and very poor, but most people support the government because of its stand on Arab issues and the West. They think that Bashar is heir to a tradition of which they are quite proud.

Well, now we have evidence that Galloway is right. With a bit of encouragement, a Syrian teenager– a guest of the security forces– recently expressed his high opinion of Bashar al-Assad.

“Who’s your God?”


“Who do you pray to?”

“Bashar Al Assad!”

“Who do you worship?”

“Bashar Al Assad, sir!”

“Are you with the [opposition] FSA or the [regime] People’s Army?”

“With Bashar Al Assad. Long live the Fr… [realizes what he says and backtracks in fear] God’s with the regular army.”

And finally:

“There’s no God but Bashar! There’s no God but Bashar Al Assad!”

(Hat tip for the translation: DaveM)