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Is BoJo Obama’s new secret weapon?

Dan Hodges at the Telegraph has noticed how Boris Johnson could well be Barack Obama’s new secret weapon. A clip of the London Mayor appears in an new attack ad for the Obama campaign ahead of the third and final Presidential debate.

It features Johnson’s rebuttal to Mitt Romney over comments that the Republican challenger made about London not being ready to host the Olympics. Turns out London was more than ready.

The event, which became known as the #RomneyShambles as the Republican candidate visited London just prior to London 2012, could now come back to haunt him. This leads Hodges to ask if Johnson is Obama’s new secret weapon? Of course not, but amusing to see London shoe horned into the Obama campaign.

The new ad, ‘Mitt Romney’s Easy Five-Step Approach to Foreign Policy’, attacks Romney’s lack of experience when it comes to foreign affairs.