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It Can’t Happen Here? Kamal Saleem tells it like it is

We’ve already heard about Kamal Saleem here. He’s the one who claims to be an ex-jihadist and whose terrible revelations of what Islam has in store for the US are lapped up by some on the right in much the same way as Atzmon’s assertions about Israel and ‘Jewish politics’ are by antisemites anti-zionists* on the left.

Apparently Hillary Clinton is working with Islamic countries in order to “subjugate American people to be arrested and put to jail and their churches and synagogues shut down” – this is scheduled for early 2013, so watch out. Even more worryingly, many US generals have sworn to destroy the United States.

He paints a terrifying picture of the Democratic National Convention, which is filled with “socialism, Islamism, communism, fascism, homosexuality and lesbianism, and Code Pink, which is abortionists and what so have you, and now we kick God out of our nation.”

It’s surprising the poor man gets any sleep at all, in view of the horrors which beset him, but he did apparently manage to have a prophetic dream of great significance for us all.

* I saw that Gert had commented on this on (?)his blog.  I have had trouble commenting there directly, but would like to clarify that, even though I think there is a pretty strong intersection between antizionism and antisemitism, I was absolutely not referring to all anti-zionists and that I fully acknowledge that very many anti-zionists reject Atzmon and also that Jewish anti-zionists are the main targets of his antisemitism.  I have often referred to this fact and recently posted on Ali Abunimah’s rejection of Greta Berlin – even though I find his views themselves concerning – and also acknowledged the many anti-zionist opponents of Atzmon in my very recent post about him.

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