Free Gaza tweets “Zionists operated the concentration camps”

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On Sunday, September 30, a disturbing tweet was posted by the Free Gaza Movement’s Twitter account.

The link led to this video:

Some extracts:

What is going on is the grand Nazi scheme. There’s only one political party in the world today and that’s called the Nazis.  And you say, ‘well, Adolf Hitler died in 1945 and that was the end of the Nazi Party.’  But that’s because you’ve never been told what the origin of ‘Nazi’ is.  ‘Na’ is National Socialism, which was the German Nazis, and in 1923 there was a double agent who came to Hitler and he said to Hitler, ‘look, your Nazi Party, your National Socialist Party, is not getting off the ground.  You need an alliance.’  And he suggested that they ally with the Zionist Party.  So the ‘Na’ of National Socialism joined with the Zionist Party, the World Zionist Party, in 1923, and ever after was known as the Nazis, N-A-Z-I.  The ‘zi’ was for ‘Zionists. But of course no one knew that, because our popular mythology is that the terrible Nazis were attacking the Jews.” (00:38-01:36)
And of course Hitler, allying himself with the Zionists, he said, ‘after all, you’re right,’ he said, ‘we have the same goals.’ And so he allied with the Zionist Party and the mission of the Nazis was to force the anti-Zionist Jews to accept Zionism.  And this is what the concentration camps were about. They put the anti-Zionist Jews in the concentration camps and they were placed under the direct administration of the Sonderkommandos, who were the Zionist Jews.  So the concentration camps were run by the Zionist Jews in order to punish and get rid of the anti-Zionist Jews, which they did.  And of course that’s a part of the Holocaust that you’re never told.” (4:04-4:48)

Free Gaza deleted the tweet after they realised that their ‘anti-Zionism’ may have contained a little too much Jew-hatred this time.

The Free Gaza Movement’s key players – Adam Shapiro, Huwaida Arraf and Greta Berlin – were also instrumental in the establishment of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), known for encouraging violent ‘resistance’.

Greta Berlin claims she did not post the overtly anti-Semitic video. Although this picture rather puts that into question:


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