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News from the LFI reception

The Labour Friends of Israel reception at the Party Conference seems to have been a great success.

Last night’s Labour Friends of Israel reception was a popular destination for Labour’s top team. Ed Miliband got a rapturous welcome as he entered the crowded room. Other shadow cabinet members there were Rachel Reeves, Chuka Umunna, Ivan Lewis, Stephen Twigg and Liam Byrne.

Ed Miliband asserted that there should be zero tolerance both for antisemitism and for questioning Israel’s right to exist. Douglas Alexander announced that Labour will now call on the EU to proscribe Hezbollah’s military wing.  Recently Alexander told the Evening Standard that Ken Livingstone deserved to lose the Mayoral election:

“Ken’s campaign too often looked like the past rather than the future. And when I saw his remarks about the Jewish community in London in particular, I didn’t just think it was ill advised, I just thought it was wrong.

I couldn’t agree more.