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“None of this namby pamby stuff”

Because Socialist Unity has shut down commenting on its two recent threads supporting (or at least excusing) George “The Inserter” Galloway on the question of rape, discussion of the matter has shifted, rather incongruously, to a nostalgia-drenched thread celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Soviet victory in the Battle of Stalingrad. (It’s remarkable how some generally antiwar leftists go weak at the knees when discussion turns to the USSR’s military in World War II.)


Jim McLean makes an effort to combine the two topics, more or less:

A comment in the thread above led me to find out about the love life of the likes of Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin, they were, lets say, very active. None of this namby pamby stuff – a rampant heterosexual revolution indeed. People don’t care who is doing what (in a consensual manner) and the bedroom actions of politicians have rarely been of interest to me, although the thought of John and Edwina will haunt me forever. It is only when they live in denial and promote a happy family image that problems occur. I once read a book about the use of pornographic films during the Mexican revolution by the those who took anticlérical stance, legitimised by the fact they were dealing with a church dominated illiterate population. Thoughts on a post card please.


Of course you don’t have to be gay to find that second sentence homophobic. But I suppose if it turned out that Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin were non-consensual inserters, some would excuse them on revolutionary grounds.

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