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More antisemitism from ‘Occupy Wall Street’

Earlier this year we reported antisemitic graphics and comments posted on Facebook by supporters of Occupy Wall Street on Holocaust Memorial Day. On this occassion the ‘official’ OWS movement disavowed the neo-nazi material and said it was the work of an unofficial affiliate, ‘Occupy Tampa’.

They issued this statement.

However, the following graphic has recently appeared on their official Facebook Page.  Since appearing it has received more than 1000 ‘likes’ and has been shared over 450 times.

The most common comment seems to be that it is a trick question in any event since Israel “does not exist” as a country and therefore cannot have a capital.

The trope is clearly antisemitic. It is part of neo-nazi ideology which talks about the so-called ZOG – the “Zionist Occupation Government” and holds that Jews control America. IT seems like an emerging theme for Occupy Wall Street. Once it was instructive that the Left was falling increasingly under the spell of antisemtic conspiracy theories and employing Nazi imagery in its political activism. Now it is commonplace and unsurprising.

One can only speculate why Berlin, Moscow and Kiev were chosen as alternatives. Probably because these are cities where Jews were once violently persecuted and those who could not flee murdered. Like the Far-Right, the Far Left apparently can’t make up its mind whether the pogroms and the Holocaust are to be denied or celebrated.

On the Left, the flirtation with antisemitic Islamism (because of its supposed “anti-Imperialist” – read “anti-Western” – bent) has created a dangerous idiocy. Witness for example this other post on the Occupy Wall Street Facebook page:

These fools really think the appearance of veiled woman on Egyptian TV is the result of the Islamist government liberalising and is something to be celebrated.

Today, the biggest peddlers of antisemitism and the most credible threat to Jews are not found among the cartoon fascists of the fringe Right, but the vociferous and loud Left, jostling for the mainstream.

Gene adds: Without excusing for a moment the Facebook posts that Saul O cites, I want to submit some other evidence from when the movement was at its height: