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“Islam the Untold Story” and the Ramadhan Foundation

This is a guest post by Amjad Khan.

Earlier this week, Channel 4 broadcast a documentary entitled ‘Islam – the Untold Story’ which was presented by the renowned historian Tom Holland. Holland, who has also written extensively on the subject, attempted to piece together the early history of Islam using available historical resources rather than simply relying on Muslim accounts which, in any case, were produced many decades after events they speak about.

Since Holland came to a number of conclusions which, let’s say, strayed from the orthodox view of Muslim history as relayed by Muslims, he and Channel 4 have managed to attract the wrath of the defenders of the faith. This was inevitable, predictable and quite sad.

However, the press release from the ever reactionary ‘Ramadhan Foundation’ was a real treat. Not only was it semi-literate and nonsensical, it also contained serious errors, something it tried to accuse the documentary makers of. Here it is in full:

Mr. Mohammed Shafiq, Chief Executive of the Ramadhan Foundation comments:

“I strongly condemn Channel 4’s documentary tonight titled “Islam, untold story” which makes a mockery of impartial and objective broadcasting. This distorted, biased programme did not have the decency to check its facts and has broadcast lies. I am disappointed that an international broadcaster like Channel 4 has behaved in unbelievable way.

There are thousands of Muslims scholars across the globe including many in locations where Tom Holland visited during the programme but he did not see fit to speak to them and therefore I draw the conclusion he did not want the real truth but wanted to promote his utter rubbish.

For instance he said Mecca was never mentioned in the Holy Quran, but in reality it is mentioned two times; Al- Azhab Chapter 33 Verse 6, Al Fath Chapter 48 Verse 24. There is also a mention of the Kaaba and Sacred Mecca Mosque in the Quran in Surah Al Isra Chapter 17 verse 1. A simple search would have produced this but his desire to distort Islam blinded him to objectivity and honesty. He featured evidence from a number of University Professors who happened not to be Muslim when he could have gone to any Muslim Scholar and asked his questions and would have got the answers.

I have asked several senior Muslims Scholars in the United Kingdom to watch the programme and identify all the inaccuracies which we will forward to relevant authorities for action as detailed in our complaints.

There is a desire amongst some people trying to change or discredit Islam whether its politicians, commentators or broadcasters like Channel 4. The British Muslim community will not allow Channel 4 to distort our faith and our history.

The Ramadhan Foundation calls on Channel 4 to apologise for this programme, withdraw it from online viewing and also order an immediate inquiry into why this was allowed to be broadcast. How many Muslims Scholars, community leaders were given a copy of this programme before transmission? Whether historic facts in relation to Islam were verified by the presenter and who his sources were.

The Ramadhan Foundation has complained to Channel 4 and also Ofcom in this matter and hope it will be addressed promptly and extensively.

Where to start with this mess!

Firstly, what Shafiq is referring to as ‘historical facts’ are merely popular Muslim accounts of Muhammad’s life that were written at least over 100 years after his death. They are not facts. That is precisely the reason why Holland did not rely on the opinions of Muslim scholars since he was attempting to portray an account of Muhammad’s life based on historical data. This is a simple and obvious point that Shafiq, not surprisingly missed.

He then attempts to contradict Tom Holland, who in the documentary stated that Mecca is not mentioned in the Quran at all, by giving two references in the Quran where Mecca is mentioned. However, in both of these references the word ‘Mecca’ is not used, it is only added in by translators in the English translations since that is the place the translators think the Quran is referring to. So Tom Holland was actually correct on that point.

We finally end with a bit of conspiracy theory about how the media is out to destroy Islam and all the usual conspiratorial nonsense. Ramadhan Foundation’s press release illustrates exactly why so many historians and scholars have been reluctant to present anything critical of Islam in recent years. Most reactionary Muslims have very little time for real facts and data and instead resort to the ad hominen if anyone dares to contradict established Muslim accounts.

I’m not saying I completely agree with everything Tom Holland presented, but I defend his right to present a historical analysis of Islamic history without being subjected to fact-free hysterical garbage from reactionaries.

Furthermore, on its website the Ramadhan foundation seeks to present itself as a leading moderate Muslim organisation. It is, in fact, a group aligned with extremists of various stripes that pushes a reactionary agenda. It has on its advisory board well known extremists such as Abdul Hakim Quick who preaches that Jews and non-Muslims are filth and that gays should be killed. It has previously defended Yusuf al-Qaradawi and hosted notorious hate preacher Zakir Naik as well as members of Hizb ut Tahrir.

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