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Hamas journalist claims Shi’ite women are whores

The DeLiberation website is a collaborative project of dissenting antizionists in the UK, who began to question the Holocaust and discuss Jewish power, in such an obvious way that they were widely recognised as antisemites. The Deliberation writers rallied around the antisemitic author and jazz musician Gilad Atzmon.

The website became an Adullam’s Cave for the more crude and less nuanced antisemites exiled from the PSC.

Now the site is calling Raed Salah a Zionist, because he is calling for revolution in Syria, and so taking the focus away from Palestine. The author of this piece also attacks Laura Stuart, the former PSC speaker turned Atzmonite.

Here is another piece on Deliberation by Khalid Amayreh. So you know, Khalid Amayreh is a journalist affiliated with Hamas, who writes articles for the website of the Al Aqsa Brigades.

Amayreh is also one of the most prolific authors on the Hamas aligned “Middle East Monitor” site, run by Daud Abdullah. He has used Abdullah’s site to push nasty ideas about Jews controlling America, and Israelis as Nazis.

In the comments, Amayreh writes:

Unlike me, most Shiites don’t know their fathers, because their mothers slept with hundreds of men in order to desreve the good company of Zaynab and Zahra in the hereafter.

In Baghdada, and Also in Iran, Obstetric & Gynecology Wards summon tens of men for DNA tests to know who is the boy’s mother.

In Mashhad, Iran, an Iranian girle sells herself for five dollars an hour. If she sleeps with 20 men, she makes a hundred dollars.

In Yemen, they send trucks packed with shiite girls to the mountains so that the houthi fighters could get rid of their dirty waters. And the next night, they are sent to another group of fighters, and so on annd so fourth. And so and so frth.

In Baghdad, most of the Shiite temples, the Husseinya, have been transformed into prostitution houses where a given girl has multiple husbands in less than 24 hours. And if they get pregnant, the child is named Abdul Hussein, Abdul Mahdi, etc.

And accorsig to the Shiite of Iblis, such whores will be the first to go to heaven on the day of judgment. Even Ayatullah Sistani, the highest ranking clergyman in Iraq, doesn’t know his father because his mother slept with so many men.

I am sorry to put you head down an d to diagrace you, but sometimes one has to say what one has to say. Remember you house is of glass and I am preparing for you a lot of surprises exposing your promiscuous cult.

What a nasty website and general group of people, all round.