The Return of Bob Lambert

Bob Lambert is a disgraced ex police officer who went undercover in the environmental movement, impregnated and then deserted a woman with whom he was having a relationship as part of his “cover”, and was alleged to have planted a bomb in a shop.

For years and years, before the truth about him came out, he was an enthusiastic advocate of the strategy of promoting theocratic and racist Islamist political groups which advocated terrorist attacks on Jews, supposedly as a way of stopping Al Qaeda in Britain.

Well, he has resurfaced at Open Democracy again:

“For at least four decades a small number of specialist academics have pointed to a failure by governments in Europe to take the threat of far right terrorism and political violence sufficiently seriously. This selective blindness has become all the more striking during the decade of the war on terror when the same governments have paid endless attention to the threat of another kind of home grown terrorism and political violence.

Indeed, unintentionally but not unforeseeably, much government rhetoric aimed at home grown ‘radical Islamists’ in European countries has helped feed far right propaganda that demonises the same targets.”

Uh huh.

But surely, according to Bob Lambert, the only possible solution to this problem is to promote groups like the British National Party and the English Defence League, and to attack anybody who objects to their advocacy of hatred against minority groups, as the only possible way to stop far Right terrorism.


Apparently not. But don’t waste time reading his piece. He’s a spent force, now.

He also appears to have been chucked out of his Muslim Brotherhood funded “academic” centre at Exeter.

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