What the Falk?

Hillel Neuer, of UNWatch has written to President Obama drawing attention to a piece recently published on Richard Falk’s blog.  Here Falk tries to explain his particular concern for the Palestinian cause:

I formed a well-evidence belief that the U.S. Government and the organized Jewish community were responsible for the massive and enduring confiscation of Palestinian land and rights.

As Neuer observes:

This absurd and slanderous collective accusation, reproduced in the Palestine Chronicle and on numerous websites, constitutes classic anti-Semitism. Moreover, by attempting to blame Jewish communities everywhere for alleged crimes against Palestinians, Mr. Falk effectively provides an international warrant for terrorism, employing the language and logic used by those who carry out attacks against Jewish community centers, synagogues and schools worldwide.

In the comments which follow Falk’s latest post someone called Ray offers his take on these important issues:

The Revelation is being revealed Day by Day. With the Global economy teetering on the verge of toppling over like the inverse pyramid in the Star of David, and the possibility of WWIII/Armageddon starting in the Middle East being revealed Day by Day, Christ will come as a thief in the night just when the people least expect it as indicated in Revelation 16.

While the devil and his earthly agents want to see Armageddon come, Revelation 16 clearly indicates it is not God leading the world to that catastrophic event, but the Pride of Power.

Falk responds:

Thanks, Ray, for your important reflection on the Book of Revelations, and how it should be read and understood. As you know, I find such interpretations of our deepening crisis as a species to be very illuminating and spiritually relevant. With warm greetings, Richard.

Falk is of course the UN’s Special Rapporteur for Occupied Palestine on behalf of the UN Human Rights Council.

Update: Hillel Neuer has now written (pdf) to David Cameron (who promised to scrutinise Falk closely following earlier incidents).  I’ll quote one passage as a reminder of one of Falk’s most egregious actions:

All of this comes as Mr. Falk is also providing the cover endorsement for the book“The Wandering Who,” replete with attacks against Israel, Jews and Judaism. The material is so extreme that 20 anti-Zionist activists, including Omar Barghouti and Electronic Intifada founder Ali Abunimah, denounced the book and its author for racism and anti-Semitism. During the July debates of the UNHRC, I challenged Mr. Falk about his leading promotion of this tract, but he refused to respond.

The letter ends:

We do not know what your representatives to the United Nations have done since October to implement your pledge to monitor Mr. Falk’s conduct. However, this time, to ensure that the message is heard loud and clear in Geneva and around the world, we urge your government to request that your statement be circulated as an official document of the UNHRC at the upcoming September session.

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