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Dress Down Friday comes early on Socialist Unity.

There were mixed responses to Andy Newman’s choice of illustration for his post on sex working and unionisation. (You won’t be able to follow the link so here is the URL –

Sheffielder got in first with:

I thought i had accidentally clicked on one of my other favourite sites for a moment.

Another commenter is more challenging:

“Incidentally, and this is addressed to Andy, why did you choose that particular image at the top of the page. Does that sum up prostitution to you? Why not use the image of a woman being beaten up by a pimp, or a drugged up wreck, out on the streets, or the inside of a room, from which they can never leave and where they are kept til the next ‘customer’ arrives?”

Although I’m not especially censorious, I do wonder whether this is the best way to attract female readers to this very male-dominated (and I noticed Andy Newman gloomily reflecting on this fact himself a while back) blog.

On the substantive issues – my starting point is that I’m more concerned with safety than (perceived) morality, and think those who choose (or seem to choose) sex work should not be punished, but those who exploit/traffic should be.

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