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Do they know no bounds? The treacherous Israel Lobby fools Khomeini’s daughter’s website

The Qods News Agency is an Iranian-based Holocaust-denying website claiming to report news on Palestine, which was established by an Iranian organisation headed by the daughter of Ayatollah Khomeini, Zahra Mostafavi.

Here she is boasting of the website to Ayatollah Khatami:

Mrs. Mostafavi said that the Islamic States should take practical steps to support Palestinians incl uding imposing economic sanctions on the Zionist Regime. Secretary of the Association to defend the Palestinian nation Rahmandoust also briefed the Supreme Leader on the performance of the Association and said that the non-governmental organization has established qods news agency (Qodsna) in Tehran to cable the developments in the occupied Palestine to the world public opinion.


So, the Qods News Agency has noticed an article in The Daily Caller by Mendy Finkel, about the Israel Lobby:

Unfortunately, Walt and Mearsheimer are far from the only people to have their careers destroyed by the Lobby. Andrew Sullivan, one of the most outspoken critics of the Lobby, has been exiled to Newsweek. Thomas Friedman, who recently was brave enough to write that the warm reception Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received from Congress was “bought and paid for by the Israel Lobby,” was banished to the obscurity of The New York Times opinion page. And, not the least of them, Joe Klein, running a clinic in candor, told us of American soldiers who died doing the Lobby’s bidding: He now writes for Time magazine.

As can be plainly seen, the road to exposing the Lobby is littered with the ruined careers of courageous journalists and academics, who wanted nothing more than to speak the truth. But like an octopus general getting cross-examined in military court, the Lobby doesn’t think you can handle the truth.

Yet, in an ironic turn of events, it turns out that the Qods News Agency themselves have been deceived by the Israel Lobby.

Here’s how the Qods News Agency reports the story:

A US attorney revealed Friday that any criticism by US mediamen or academics of Israel lobby would lead to permanent unemployment. Mendy Finkel wrote in dailycal;ler that at present, the mere mention of the Israel Lobby (the “Lobby”) can leave a journalist in a state of permanent unemployment.

He wrote:


As for Walt and Mearsheimer, their careers as prominent academics and writers were effectively over. Due to the embargo the Lobby put on even mentioning these authors’ names, it’s hard to find any definitive information on their current whereabouts, but from what I gather they have been relegated to the outer fringes of academic obscurity. Walt was able to find employment in an institution known as “Harvard University,” which appears to be a community college in Guatemala. He also has a blog at Foreign Policy magazine, which he uses as a platform for delivering his weekly repentance address to the Lobby.

Mearsheimer, on the other hand, didn’t get off so easy. Rumor has it that he currently resides at the “University of Chicago,” which I’ve been told is the codename for an undisclosed location in East Asia.

Er, right then!

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