This is What Anglican Parishioners Will Be Told By EAPPI

From the EAPPI website:

Another strong experience was our visit to the Holocaust Museum, Yad Vashem, in Jerusalem.

History is important when working on the present. Several quotes were given in the museum that I found hard to read without thinking about what is going on in this country today.

We already know, from EAPPI, that the main obstacle to settling  the Israel-Palestine dispute is not the genocidal rejectionism of the Palestinian leadership, but rather that  Jewish theology has gone astray because of Jewish reliance on the Talmud – and the mistaken conclusions that EAPPI claims Jews draw from it – and concomitant failure to adopt the “correct” theology that EAPPI favours.

Now we learn that the main lesson of the Holocaust is that Jews are the new Nazis.

Joseph adds:

Here’s the Archbishop of Canterbury:

Those of us who want to see a secure Israel have to recognise that, as has been said, security purchased at the cost of fairness and respect is a very insecure thing. Half an hour at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial, will persuade you, if you need persuading, why the state of Israel needs to exist securely. Half an hour at a checkpoint will persuade you, if you need persuading, that there are forms of security which are indefensible and unsustainable

Update: In the UK, EAPPI is led (of course!) by those fast friends of extremists and regular hosts of the most fanatical Israel haters – the Quakers.

Why not ask them when they will send scores of their “accompaniers” to protect civilians in, oh, Syria, Nigeria or Iraq? Israel couldn’t be just, er, um, special, could it?

EAPPI contacts: Helen Bailey and Lynda Maclnnes, 020 7663 1144, [email protected]

Quaker Peace & Social Witness General Secretary: Helen Drewery, 020 7663 1069, [email protected]

Press/media: Anne van Staveren, 020 7663 1048, [email protected]

Outreach: Alistair Fuller, 020 7663 1016, [email protected]

Alan A adds:

Oh, this just gets better and better:

Mr Wineman added: “To hear the debate at Synod littered with references to ‘powerful lobbies‘, the money expended by the Jewish community, ‘Jewish sounding names‘ and the actions of the community ‘bringing shame on the memory of victims of the Holocaust‘, is deeply offensive and raises serious questions about the motivation of those behind this motion.”

It raises no questions at all.

What this is about, is crystal clear.

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