The Waterlily, Tower Hamlets – A home from home for Jihadists

Readers of this blog will know of the Jihadist ‘Month of Mercy’ conference. It had originally been scheduled for the Grand Connaught Rooms (GCR) on the 8th of July. Thanks to a campaign from HP readers, the GCR saw the light and pulled the plug.

The event, however, took place at The Waterlily in Tower Hamlets. The administration at the Waterlily lied and told Harry’s Place that the event was not going to take place but then proceeded to host the conference.

Earlier, rumours had begun that the event was to take place at the Waterlily, Tower Hamlets. This is what the administration told us:

From: office admin <[email protected]>

Date: Sat, Jul 7, 2012 at 9:42 PM


Cc: Karl Engel <[email protected]>

Earlier today we recieved calls from a number of individuals who informed us that a conference organised by The Al-Muntada Al-Islami, recently cancelled by  Grand Connaught Rooms was now being held at our venue The Waterlily.

I can can confirm that Al Muntada Al Islami had not contacted the Waterlily prior to or since their event was cancelled at the Grand Connaught Rooms . We have contacted the organisers of the event (www.ilmevents.org.uk) and have instructed them to remove this misinformation from their website with a threat of legal action.

We waited to have this misinformation removed before sending this email. You can now confirm this by visiting their website above.

An Article on Gay Start News refers to your blog as the source of information for the event being moved to our venue, we have emailed Gay Star News with the this update and would appreciate if you could also inform them and remove any reference to the event being held at the Waterlily from your website.


We have emailed the same information as above to our local Police Prevent Team.

I would appreciate if you can email me as soon as the information is updated.

Kind Regards


You would assume then, that the event was not going to take place at the Waterlily. Ilm Events even put up the following message:

Then, something weird began to happen. Twitter users began to report that the event was actually going to take place at the Waterlily. This did not make sense. The email above clearly shows that the administration had categorically denied that the event was to take place and even ‘threatened legal action’ at the very idea of them hosting.

But, The Waterlily lied. And sure enough, Ilm Events suddenly changed their story:

A number of e-mails to the Waterlily from other users confirm that despite the fact that the event was taking place the Waterlily admins kept on insisting that it wasn’t. What a farce.

The Waterlily not only hosted a Jihadist conference but were complicit in helping them organise this event.

Here’s the doorman:

And this was what was going on inside:

The hate wasn’t just inside the Waterlily, outside look at what books were being sold:

Quite shocking anti-Shi’ite propaganda. ‘A brief history of Shi’ah treachery’. How disgusting and extreme. But this is what al-Muntada and Ilm Events do best.

In ‘Al Qaeda and Iran’ it states that Iran and the “yahud [of Israel]” (their square brackets; not mine) cooperate with each other. According to them: “Iranian Jews donated 70 million riyals to Iran for the war effort against al-‘Iraq” and “In 1983 the Jewish representative to the Iranian Parliament thanked Iran in the name of the Jews and mentioned the history of Persian co-operation with the Jews throughout the years.”

This event should not have found a venue, but the Waterlily was always a step-ahead in assisting in the botched cover-up. They should hang their heads in shame.

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