Republican congressmen tell their constituents the darnedest things

First there was Illinois Congressman Randy Hultgren responding to constituents complaining about his opposition to raising taxes on the rich:

HULTGREN: I’m not out there trying to coddle anybody. In fact, I support a bill that allows the super rich if they want to give more money to the federal government it could be a charitable contribution.

(audience laughter)

HULTGREN: I think that makes sense! Use it as a charitable contribution.

Next there was Congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois yelling at constituents who dared to blame banks rather than “government meddling” for the nation’s financial crisis.

Then there was Congressman Allen West of Florida informing constituents that up to 81 Democrats in Congress are members of the Communist party (or the Progressive Caucus– same thing).

Now we have Congressman C.W. “Bill” Young of Florida telling an employed constituent who advocated a higher minimum wage to “get a job.”

After a constituent approached Young during a 4th of July event and asked him if he would support a bill currently circulating in the House to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour, Young answered that he probably would not. Instead of walking away, however, Young turned to the constituent and asked, “How about getting a job?”

When the constituent informed Young that he did, in fact, have a job– one that pays him $8.50 an hour– the Republican looked puzzled. “Then why do you want that benefit?” Young asked, before again instructing the man to “get a job.”

Young, who is seeking his 22nd term to Congress in the newly-drawn 13th Congressional District, then walked away as the constituent explained that $8.50 an hour was not a livable wage.

(Apologies to all the GOP congressmen I’ve surely missed.)

We’ll give the final word on this to the Silhouettes:

Perhaps Congressman Young can adopt this as his official campaign song.

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