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FOSIS and Sadiq Khan

The government has rightly identified the Islamist student group FOSIS as part of the country’s extremist problem.

There is really nothing else to do with a group that sees the hate preacher, jihad enthusiast and antisemite Haitham Al-Haddad as just the man to train its leaders and preach to British Muslim students.

For more on FOSIS’s long and extensive record of promoting hate preachers, hindering the battle against extremism, including police investigations of the undie bomber, and outright lying, please see this post.

Nothing has changed. The group is holding its annual conference in Manchester this weekend. In a typical move that is actually funny, one of the speakers is Junaid Ahmed of the Islamic Forum in Europe, offering a talk on “Conflict Resolution”. Yes, a man who passionately hails Hamas as “heroes” – perfect for such a topic!

Labour in the shape of Sadiq Khan MP, Shadow Lord Chancellor and Shadow Secretary of State for Justice, has a very different view than the government. Khan opened this weekend’s FOSIS conference, hailing the FOSIS leader and liar Nabil Ahmed.

Labour: the party that is useless in the fight against extremism.

No scratch that, the party that helps extremists, repeatedly, and apparently has no intention whatsoever of changing course, all the way up to the front bench.

Lucy Lips adds:

Oh, and look here.

Lord Ahmed has been readmitted to the Labour Party:

A peer suspended by the Labour Party for allegedly offering a £10m bounty on the head of US President Barack Obama has had the suspension lifted.

Lord Ahmed, who denied the accusations published in Pakistani newspaper the Express Tribune, thanked Chief Whip Lord Bassam for a “fair” investigation.

Labour confirmed the suspension had been lifted but did not explain why.

This is the man who, not content with inviting Islamist extremist groups to Parliament, has now taken to inviting white fascists to speak there.

And he actually campaigns for anti-Labour candidates, in breach of Labour Party rules!

A serious question. What the fuck is wrong with Labour?

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