Please try this little experiment

This is a guest post by A Concerned Christian

Do you remember this post a few days ago which exposed Stephen Sizer linking to the anti-Semitic “Window into Palestine” site (the likes of which Rev Sizer does seem to link to again and again and again and again)?

The Jewish Chronicle has covered Reverend Sizer’s latest misdemeanour here. Naturally, the JC contacted Rev Sizer for an explanation:

[Rev Sizer] said it was “not always possible to run background checks on every website before linking to materials.”

How difficult can it be to “run background checks”? Particularly if you have already pledged to be “more careful about the origin of material I post on my blog and Facebook”?

Rev Sizer also made this comment to The JC:

Rev Sizer, senior pastor of the Anglican Christ Church in Virginia Water, Surrey, said he was not familiar with the WIP site and had not linked to it before.

“I only came across it after conducting a Google image search for the photo by Marco Di Lauro, which was central to the apparent BBC error which I wished to highlight. There was no suggestion of any offensive material in the story to which I linked.”

I’ve just done a “Google Image” search for “Marco Di Lauro” and “Marco Di Lauro Houla”, and can’t find a link to “Window into Palestine” anywhere. Can you?

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