Ken Livingstone compares David Cameron to Anders Breivik

And Andrew Gilligan, and Melanie Philips:

“The reality is, as we’ve seen coming out of the horrors of Norway, humanity has to stand together against those that preach intolerance. But one thing does worry me. The way that most commentators on the right, write out of this act of horrific barbarity, any political significance. And, most of the commentators on the Right said, “This is a lone madman, this is someone who is insane”, a sort of political version of Hannibal Lector from the Hollywood movies. But this isn’t the case at all. There is a sort of spectrum of intolerance in our society. At its most respectable end, you have David Cameron saying multiculturalism has been bad for Britain. And it works its way to increasingly strident attacks, until you get someone like Andrew Gilligan who seems to be obsessed, and beyond that Melanie Philips, writing week after week in the Daily Mail […]

I really do want to emphasise this point, there’s nothing extraordinary about Anders Breivik.”

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