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A Livingstone Wage – still no honest tax disclosure

With fewer than 48 hours to go before polling starts, Ken Livingstone’s tax-avoidance is still in the news. Today The Sun ran a headline saying:

£1.2m? That’s a good living – Ken Livingstone tax ruse ‘saved £220k’

But why is it still an issue? Instead of going away, why has it moved from the broadsheets to the tabloids?

Simple. He’s allowed 27 days to pass since promising to publish his tax records. He has failed to do so. In fact, the only thing that’s changed is the figures. And, despite saying repeatedly that his accountant would happily talk to the press,journalists have had and no success in contacting to his accountant.

When is Ken planning on coming clean? Tomorrow? On the morning of the election? Don’t bet on it.