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Nick Griffin in anti-Zionist shocker

Remember way back in 2009, when BNP leader Nick Griffin claimed his party had ditched its antisemitic and anti-Israel line, and would instead concentrate on opposing the Muslim presence in Britain? And how Griffin bragged that the BNP was the only British party that backed Israel in the 2008 Gaza war?

And remember how gleefully some on the anti-Zionist “Left” highlighted this?

Well, the mask has slipped off. Commenting on the arrests of some rightwing extremists for publishing racist material, Griffin tweeted:

Looks like the State taking out those who refuse to be Zionist puppets.

I suspect the support for Israel by other extreme-right European party leaders is every bit as flimsy.

(Hat tip: Sarah AB)

Sarah adds And in another welcome BNP related reversal, the party failed to win back the Goresbrook ward in last night’s council by-election.

(Hat tip: Disillusioned Lurker)