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The Blood Libel Is Treated As A Fact In The Middle East

Here is a quite remarkable story on Hezbollah’s news service, Al Manar:

Zionist Basketball Player Thirsty for Blood of Muslim, Christian Children!

A Zionist Basketball player says he likes Passover bread dipped with blood of Muslim and Christian children.

On his Facebook personal page Ido Kozikaro said he had the desire to eat Matzah, the unleavened bread traditionally eaten by Jews during the Passover, dipped with Muslim and Christian children’s blood.

“There’s nothing like celebrating the Passover with Matzah dipped in blood of Christian and Muslim children… : ) hmm”, Kozikaro wrote on his page.

11 of Kozikaro‘s friends liked this “Status”, and others commented in an “encouraging” manner, such as Nirod Hoffman, who wrote:

“Christian children are like old news. Listen to your brother and capture Scientologe or Bahai. There are good recipes too. You will thank me”.

Kozikaro, is a basketball player who played with Zionist entity “national” basketball team in 2009. He is currently playing with the Galil Gilboa team. Basketball teams are financed, fully or partially, by the Zionist government.

Here is their screen grab, their “proof”:

When asked to comment, the political editor of the New Statesman, Mehdi Hasan said:

“I have to say, Hezbollah has, it seems, got it wrong.”*

We laugh about it, of course. How could Hezbollah and its fan base be so stupid. We shouldn’t take it seriously, even though they obviously do.

The trouble is this. Murderous libels about Jews are treated as fact in the Middle East, and increasingly among Muslim communities in the West. It is these lies which fuel the Mohammed Merahs in our countries, imported by hate preachers like Raed Salah, and aided by their defenders and apologists.

Because these sorts of theories are so crazy, they are discounted and overlooked. So, when little children are grabbed by their hair and shot in the face by fanatics fed on a diet of defamation, we are treated to articles which seek to persuade us that racism and discrimination against Muslim minorities is the real culprit.

So: time to take racist defamation seriously.

Hat tip: Clawes

* joke