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Clean and Polluting Environmental Projects Causing Headaches for Scottish Government

Although renewal of nuclear power generation in the rest of the UK looks likely, the Scottish Government remains wedded to non-nuclear power generation. One such site is to be an offshore windfarm in Aberdeen Bay.

Having previously courted Donald Trump for his plans to open a luxury golf estate at Menie – to the extent that local council objections, and the status as a Site of Special Scientific Interest were over-ruled – Alex Salmond presumably saw no looming conflict when his Government put forward proposals for this windfarm.

Trump has and, although he has not said Salmond should be fired, also has labelled him “Mad Alex” and is reportedly funding anti-windfarm campaigns to the sum of £10 millions.

There is another billionaire who has invested in Scottish estates and wished to construct windfarms. Salmond might therefore have expected support from Mohammed al-Fayed, were the latter not also engaged with ongoing community campaign groups; this time against the construction of a super-incinerator at Invergorden, near his Invercasseley estate.

Although it is unclear how much tax al-Fayed pays, he has accused Salmond of being anti-Scottish and unpatriotic. Makes a change from accusing Prince Philip and MI6 of murdering his son and prospective daughter-in-law, I suppose.

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