The Tolouse Slaughter And The Moral Bankruptcy Of Lindsey German

Lindsey German tweeted the following message yesterday:

She followed up with the following article, on the Stop The War Campaign’s website.

The shootings in south west France were, it appears, the work of a young Algerian Muslim, who had been trained in camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan and was one of the prisoners who escaped from Kandahar prison in a Taliban jailbreak.

No one can justify such attacks, which have seen the killing of Jewish schoolchildren and a rabbi, and of French soldiers of North African and Caribbean descent.

But …

You can guess what follows the “But”.

And so, this is the view of the Stop The War Campaign. And here are a few of its prominent officers and activists.

  • Tony Benn
  • George Galloway
  • Tariq Ali
  • Anas Al-Tikriti
  • Louise Christian
  • Tam Dalyell
  • Caroline Lucas MEP
  • Jeremy Corbyn MP
  • Kate Hudson
  • Andrew Murray
  • Kevin Ovenden
  • John Rees
  • Chris Nineham
  • Walter Wolfgang
  • Salma Yaqoob

I’m looking for, but can’t find, a list of trade unions still affiliated to the STWC. Can you help?

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