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The Budget – what do you think?

I’m sure many commenters will be able to offer far more informed opinions on the budget than me – so here’s your chance. A quick way of gathering your thoughts might be to take Left Foot Forward’s Budget survey here.  I found out that – I read too many blogs (question 21).  Here are my own answers.

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. No
  5. Yes
  6. Yes
  7. Yes
  8. Yes
  9. Yes
  10. Yes
  11. No
  12. No

Cuts in tax credits and a below inflation rise in the minimum wage will counteract the tax threshold rise, and, on top of that, those who are poorest are being most hit by the various welfare and services cuts.  David Blanchflower comments: “Paying the poor less so that they work harder and paying the rich more so that they work harder does seem something of a contradiction.”

Update: Although it’s on a different topic. I thought here might be a good place to link to an interesting post over at The Centre Left.

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