Oh Yes He Does! Oh No He Isn’t! Oh No He Won’t!

Mr Miliband said:

“I know Ken Livingstone well. He doesn’t have a prejudiced bone in his body. He is attracting people of all faiths, backgrounds and religions to his campaign.

“He is someone who has fought prejudice his whole life and I am sure that is what he will continue to do.”

Got that? Not even “I think his alleged remarks were ill-advised”

Racist scum. Off our streets.

By way of contrast with the behaviour of Ken Livingstone, look how Rabbi Danny Rich – one of the signatories of the letter – tries to give Livingstone an opportunity to backtrack:

“I would like to have further conversation with Ken about that so we can clarify. I’m a human being and the people who wrote the letter are human beings – perhaps we misunderstood what Ken Livingstone said and I would wait to have further conversation before I commented in detail on the matter.”

Labour supporters will generally do anything to avoid hurting the Labour Party. That’s because we know that the party is bigger than any one of its flawed activists. All of these individuals have privately been tearing their hair out about Livingstone. None of them would say anything in public about it.

But Livingstone has no loyalty to Labour. Livingstone openly supported the Islamic Forum Europe’s candidate, Lutfur Rahman, against Labour.

He really isn’t worth a Labour Party member’s loyalty.

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