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Stand up for blasphemers and apostates

Today has been designated a day of action to defend blasphemers and apostates.  If you read this post on Maryam Namazie’s blog you will find a disturbing list of just some of the people persecuted for something which should not be a crime.

One of the victims is Egyptian comedian, Adel Imam, who faces a prison sentence after being accused of “offending Islam and its symbols, including beards and the jilbab, a loose-fitting garment worn by some Muslims.”

So, in solidarity with ‘blasphemers’ here is some satire which, certainly by the standards Imam is being held to, are blasphemous.  First – here’s Mitchell and Webb on Abraham and Isaac. And here – this is my favourite – some fresh thoughts on the ‘Good Samaritan’, also from Mitchell and Webb. And here’s a clip from South Park featuring a man in a bearsuit – which  was itself the subject of a Jesus and Mo cartoon.