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Baroness Tonge: Appearing at the LibDem Spring Conference

Last week, Baroness Tonge resigned the Liberal Democrat whip, following her surreal outburst at Middlesex University, where she was speaking alongside Ken O’Keefe. O’Keefe is one of the authors on deLiberation: a website founded by the racist and promoter of Holocaust denial, Gilad Atzmon, as a home for those expelled from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign for Holocaust denial.

Not to worry!

Baroness Tonge is still welcome at the Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine fringe meeting at Spring Conference. So welcome, in fact, that her meeting is being chaired by Simon Hughes MP: the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats.


UPDATED (05/03/2012):

  • Chair: Simon Hughes MP for Southwark and Bermondsey & Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats
  • Baroness Jenny Tonge
  • Miri Weingarten
    EU Advocacy Coordinator for Israel & the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Director JNews – Alternative Jewish Perspectives on Israel-Palestine

Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine is a pretty dodgy outfit, chaired by John McHugo. As you’ll see here, he also chaired a meeting with Daud Abdullah’s Middle East Monitor and the Cordoba Foundation, the political vehicle of British Islamist Anas Altikriti, a Muslim Brotherhood activist who has called the murder of coalition troops in Iraq “legitimate“. The meeting featured the Christisons: a husband and wife team whose schtick was claiming  that Jews are Nazis, Congress is “occupied” by Israel, and that Jews have dual loyalties. Bill Christison, now dead, was a full on 9/11 Troofer.

“Fringe” politics, indeed.

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