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Get Rid of Joyce

As soon as I heard that an MP had been arrested in the Palace of Westminster for head-butting anyone, nevermind a Tory MP – and assaulting various other MPs before being restrained by half a dozen Po-Po – I knew it would be a Scottish MP.

Okay, let me have that giggle. Of course this was a disgraceful episode, and anyone who thinks that, as a Labour MP the assailant… whoops, sorry… alleged assailant would have been increasing his kudos by assaulting a Tory – even if he had not assaulted the Labour chief whip who was leaping to the defence of a Tory – is a political lout.

Step forward Eric Joyce, Member for Falkirk.

To be frank, I am surprised that he remained in the Labour Party or his seat after being done for refusing to provide a sample following a drink driving incident in 2010.

Yet, it clearly is a concern that his nearest contender from the SNP is not let in, as Scottish Labour reps quickly proclaimed they would rather a “nutter than a Nat”.

That was before reports from today that the 51 year old former Army Major now separated from his wife had been involved for two years with a teenage constituency assistant. I will not link to online reports out of respect for the girl who was too young to vote when she assisted in the 2010 General Election campaign, but the evidence is persuasive.

Newly elected leader of Scottish Labour, Johann Lamont is said to be spitting chips. For anyone who would rather a “nutter than a Nat”, allow me to rearrange those two words.

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