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Green Party Conference votes on JNF and antisemitism

At the Green Party Conference in Liverpool a motion proposing the adoption of some guidance notes to help identify and avoid antisemitism was defeated. A motion condemning the JNF and calling for its charitable status in the UK to be revoked, on the other hand, succeeded.

Now the guidance notes – the ones that were rejected – do point out that criticism of Israel (such as that implicit in the JNF motion) need not be antisemitic.  One might point to the example of this blogger. He is certainly critical of Israel, yet he is (even though one might not agree with his position) clearly genuinely concerned about antisemitism and particularly anxious to acknowledge that those who raise the issue do so in good faith.

But how about the Green Party as a whole?  How anxious is it that its criticisms of Israel are not tainted by antisemitism? Well, here is one evaluation of the situation, and here you can read about an organisation which, it would seem, is more palatable to some in the Party than the JNF.