EDL Leader: “I’m from Norway and I’ll shoot you”

This is a press release from Hope not Hate

English Defence League (EDL) leader Stephen Lennon revealed his true colours last night when he was filmed telling a Muslim security guard that he was from Norway and he will “shoot him”.

In a late night drinking binge in Luton town centre, Lennon was caught on camera telling a security guard to “f*** off”. When the man, who was simply walking past, said that not all Muslims were bad, Lennon replied “No I know they’re not all bad, just most of them.”

Then, as Lennon was about to walk away he said “I’m only joking … Other than Breivik coz he’ll shoot ’em al.”

Smiling into the camera Lennon boasted “I’m from Norway and I’ll shoot you” – a clear identification with Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik.

The EDL hope last night’s programme will give them a huge publicity boast and so attract thousands of new supporters. We have produced a briefing paper on the EDL to show people the true face of the far right group.

The EDL claims it isn’t a racist organisation but Lennon is then caught on film issuing a threat against all Muslims.

“Every single Muslim watching this on Youtube on 7/7, you got away with killing and maiming British citizens, you got away with it. You had better understand that we have built a network from one end of this country to the other end, and we will not tolerate it, and the Islamic community will feel the full force of the English Defence League if we see any of our citizens killed, maimed or hurt on British soil ever again.”

The EDL is the largest far right group in Britain today. Its racist and anti-Muslim language aims to tap into a mood of rising hostility in our country. It is vitally important that we tell people the truth about the EDL and that we all do everything we can to stop them.

Please read the briefing and pass it on to your friends



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