Qatar conference on Jerusalem welcomes religious antizionists and antisemites

The Emir of Qatar is hosting a conference on Jerusalem, this weekend.

He has invited religious antizionists such as the Neturei Karta and Stephen Sizer. The NK and Sizer are key allies, as they represent the antizionist fringe of Judaism and the antizionist wing of Christianity, respectively. Over the past few years, the Neturei Karta and Sizer have been instrumental in the (less subtle) brand of Iranian antizionism.

Jenny Tonge will be there too.

You will notice also the attendance of a UK representative from Religions For Peace, Mr. Abdel Salam Emran Hussein Mraish, and officials from the ruling bodies of UNRWA, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, the Arab League, the PLO, Fatah, Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Libya and Saudi Arabia, as well as the President of the PSC.

Intriguingly, there are no representatives from the Iranian government, yet three members of the Neda Institute in Iran are attending the conference. The Neda Institute creates links between Iran and Holocaust deniers.

Qatar-based hate cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi is also a conference participant.

Here he is talking about a future Holocaust of Jews that he desires, so that Hitler’s work can be finished by “the believers”:

Expect this conference to receive positive media attention from Al Jazeera, and possibly other international news sources.

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