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Haitham Al Haddad Trashed On Dutch TV

Haitham Al Haddad is in the Netherlands.

He has appeared on NTR: De Halve Man, where he was cross examined by a number of guests.

Student Association Amsterdam to speak. In the House caused consternation by the arrival of Al-Haddad because in the past he has made ‚Äč‚Äčanti-Semitic statements. A parliamentary majority of VVD, PVV, CDA, Christian Union and SGP Opstelten called Minister of Safety and Jusititie on the sheik to deny entry to the Netherlands. That did not happen, the Sheik in the Netherlands and is a guest in our live broadcast of the Crescent.

The Sheik goes into debate with Fouad el Haji of the Network of liberal Dutch Moroccans.

The show is a must-see. Watch it – in English – from about 6:30 onwards. In particular, you’ll see Dutch Muslim after Muslim, politician after intellectual take this hateful man on. They trash him, utterly.

In particular, watch the Dutch Muslim woman at 15:45, and in particular at 21:50. Although she is one of the show’s co-presenters – unbelievably – he requires that she sit away from the table. Why? Because she is not wearing hijab.

Astounding stuff.

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This is how to defeat bigotry and hatred.

Instead, FOSIS is parading this hate preacher around British Universities. He is only sporadically challenged. The East London Mosque, who hosted him numerous times and which is scheduled to host him again on the 18th March, where his co-speaker is Abdul Qayyum: the Imam of the East London Mosque. Hope not Hate, Britain’s leading anti-fascist campaign, believes that the ELM has cancelled him – but they have yet to make a formal announcement. This is an institution which receives government funding, and visits from senior Judges, clergymen, and politicians!

Britain has a lot to learn from The Netherlands.