Labour Party

Hamas in Parliament

Which Labour Peer has given a House of Commons pass to the “Parliamentary Officer” of the Middle East Monitor?

Middle East Monitor (or “MEMO“) is a pro-Hamas lobbying organisation, run by two converts: Ibrahim Hewitt, who is an antisemite who also runs the Hamas-linked Interpal, and Daud Abdullah, the signatory of the pro-Hamas “Istanbul Declaration“.

The lobbyist is Shazia Arshad. You can see her speaking, this Saturday, at Finsbury Park Mosque: whose trustees include the fugitive Hamas founder, fundraiser and commander, Mohammed Sawalha, in an event moderated by the director of the Mosque, Mohammed Kozbar.

You can see both Kozbar and Hewitt, here – in a lovely group photo with Hamas’ Ismail Haniyeh:

But who could the Labour Peer be?

You will NEVER guess!


It is of course Lord Ahmed.

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