Blogland,  Dress Down Friday

Blogs you may miss, not miss, or have missed.

To begin with some blogs which have been discontinued in recent months.  I was sorry when Stroppy was forced by pressures of work to cease blogging.  I also particularly regretted the passing of ModernityBlog – Modernity stands up to bigotry of all kinds and when I didn’t agree with his posts I always felt I had to stop and think to make sure he wasn’t, after all, perhaps right.  I didn’t have a uniformly amicable relationship with all the bloggers at Pickled Politics – but I also regret that blog’s demise.  Some of the discussions there were excellent, and I always particularly liked Rumbold’s posts.  And I must confess to missing Aaronovitch Watch a bit too – I must be a masochist or something.

Here are some recommendations which may help fill those gaps.  The Third Estate is quite a lively left wing blog – rather more quirky and individual than many.  It ‘aims to offer a progressive, irreverent and atypical perspective on politics and current affairs.’   I think many HP readers will appreciate Soupy One’s blog – here s/he is on the PSC, for example. The Students Rights blog has had a bit of a facelift recently – and covers important stories about free speech and extremism. Recently I found my way to Linoleum Surfer’s blog – he an Omani-based blogger, and worth a look.

And, as quite a few of you are sf fans – here’s a link to Adam Roberts’ blog which has lots of good coverage of fantasy and sf.

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