The Power of Twitter

A few hours ago I posed a simple question on Twitter:

Who originally coined the phrase, “Beer and sandwiches at number 10”?

I added that “I would appreciate a reliable source reference.”

This was picked up by @citizen_sane and @JohnRentoul. The latter found researching the question interesting and proceeded to write a blog post on the subject.  It did not take long before the Twitter types decided to get involved. Someone, somewhere came up with what is alleged to be the definitive answer which @JohnRentoul relayed:

Beer and sandwiches update: this seems definitive. The Labour Government, 1964-70: A Personal Record, Harold Wilson, p275. NUR dispute 1966

I would like to thank all of those involved for their assistance.

If anyone knows of any other interesting questions solved by people on Twitter or an unexpected way that Twitter has been of use, please let me know in the comments box below.  Likewise, if someone knows an earlier “beer and sandwiches” reference, please do tell. There are people on Twitter interested in the answer.

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