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Mitt “Quiet Rooms” Romney

Here’s a highly revealing segment of an interview with likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, in which the former private-equity firm partner and multimillionaire insists that anyone raising concerns about inequality of wealth and income in the US is indulging in the politics of “envy” and “class warfare.”

After another question, Romney concedes that “it’s fine to talk about those things in quiet rooms.”

I think the quiet rooms that Romney has in mind resemble this:

more than they resemble this:

If you want some idea of the panic that the class issue is causing among Republicans, consider that Rush Limbaugh recently compared Texas Governor Rick Perry (yes, that Rick Perry) to Fidel Castro for calling Romney and his partners at Bain Capital “vulture capitalists.” And watch this.

My award for most audacious attack ad of the campaign so far goes to Newt Gingrich, who dares to indulge in old-fashioned French-bashing.

Note the background music, which is commonly heard in movies when some Parisian dude in a beret is bicycling down the rue with a baguette under one arm. Ol’ Newt wouldn’t be caught dead speaking one of those effete European languages.

However I’m not sure how this will go down among Louisiana’s Cajun voters.

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