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Charles Carlson, Stephen Sizer & Christ at the Checkpoint 2012

Charles “Chuck” E. Carlson runs a page called “Pharisee Watch“, on his website We Hold These Truths.

“Pharisee Watch” is an attempt to identify Christian Zionists, the modern-day Pharisees, and expose them before concerned Christians. Carlson is also a Hamas supporter, who thinks that Hamas “has support because it delivers“.

Carlson’s writings are admired by Stephen Sizer.

Both Stephen Sizer and Charles Carlson have given interviews to the American Far Rightist, Mark Dankof.

Carlson shared a platform with Fred Tobin, Mark Glenn, Hesham Tillawi and various antisemites and Holocaust deniers in 2007. Carlson has also spoken alongside Glenn and Mark Weber at a conference organised by the Holocaust-denying outfit Jamaat al-Muslimeen.

Photos of Carlson’s protests outside various churches – and occasionallt synagogues – around the USA, available here.

Here is Carlson in conversation with American racist Mark Glenn.

Since then, Carlson’s podcast website now has a link to Glenn’s blog website, The Ugly Truth, where you can read Glenn saying says things like:

“Personally I pray everyday that Iran gets the bomb or that she already has it. It is the one thing that might just reign you sos of bitches in and prevent the annihilation of the entire planet.” […] Hitler this and Hitler that. He is more important to you than God. Talk about one-track minds. It’s no wonder you are such a backwards people and have to mooch off of the rest of us, you can’t come up with anything new. […] It will be the best night of sleep I will have had in a long time, the moment when I know unequivocally that his ‘finger is on the button.”

A perfect ally for Chuck Carlson (and also for Stephen Sizer).

David Fischler reports on Carlson:

Strait Gate Ministries [is] run by Hamas supporter Charles Carlson. Strait Gate runs a bookstore that offers such titles as: Facts are Facts by Benjamin Freedman espousing the discredited and anti-Semitic “Khazar hypothesis” (i.e., most moderns Jews aren’t connected to the ancient Jewish people); The Nameless War by notorious British anti-Semite and Holocaust denier A.H.M. Ramsay, who claimed that World War II was the result of a Jewish/Communist conspiracy; The Zionist Factor by one-time Rhodesian politician and apartheid supporter/Holocaust denier Ivor Benson, and many, many more!

Carlson’s website is popular  amongst antisemites, conspiracy cranks – and is also linked to by the Reverend Doctor Stephen Sizer PhD. Sizer also admires Glenn. I wonder why.

Here is the ADL on Carlson:

In early 2004, Holocaust deniers around the world were anticipating a two-day conference to be held in Sacramento, California. The organizer, a Hitler apologist named Walter Mueller, had enlisted more than a dozen international speakers for a Holocaust denial conference that would have rivaled IHR’s 2000 event. At the last moment, however, the conference’s intended venue refused to host the gathering. Mueller would not explore alternative venues, but with many attendees and speakers having already arrived in Sacramento, IHR Director Mark Weber and representatives of the neo-Nazi National Alliance cobbled together a one-day conference dedicated to embattled Holocaust denier Ernst Zündel. Canadian Zündel advocate Paul Fromm addressed the conference, as did anti-Zionist activist Chuck Carlson, and Holocaust deniers Bradley Smith, Edgar J. Steele and Lady Michelle Renouf.

You can listen to Carlson’s talk here.

Here are some excerpts of his speech.

On suicide bombings (or “human bombs”):

15:50 “They attacked military targets in almost every case – virtually every case. Even when they go into a disco! If you go into a disco in Israel at night, it is full of military, that’s who’s there! You see, what do soldiers do at night when they’re off duty? They go and get drunk, some place, in every army in the world you’ll have a good percentage of them going someplace – well what do you think these Israelis do?  The discos are open practically all night. These disco explosions are targetted at off-duty military people who are just as much soldiers as anybody else. Every bus holds military. I rode 1100 km in Israel on buses. In every bus I was on, and in every one I saw boarded, there was military on-board the bus […]. [The bus in Israel] is basically a military transport on which civilians ride.”

18:40 “The military is in among the civilians, everywhere. In McDonalds hamburgers, the guy with his rifle, he’s eating his hamburger right next to you, at the table right next to you, so they’re everywhere, so the bombers go to pick out military targets, and they sometimes even hit their own people.”

On Christians who combat antisemitism:

39:25 “How do you think antisemitism became so important to the Christian right leaders? Why is it they talk about antisemitism all the time? Well it’s because in 1962, Oxford University Press put it in the Schofield Bible […]: “For a nation to commit the sin of antisemitism brings inevitable judgement “ [laughter] Now antisemitism  is a sin, you see! It’s the 11th commandment  “Thou shalt not antisemite!” [Laughter and applause] It’s in here, for the nation that commits antisemitism!

Carlson thinks Holocaust deniers should protest outside synagogues:

45:30 “I suggest that next time the ADL gets one of your meetings cancelled, that you borrow our signs, and you go down – not to the ADL – but to the biggest synagogue in town on Saturday, and you spend your Saturday down there in front of it, holding up signs like this [applause and cheering] accusing them of killing the Palestinians because they support the bombing! They support the bombing. The support for Israel could not exist without American financial clout coming from these people. If you do it, I tell you what, I’ll go too. [applause]”

Now there is news from Carlson’s WHTT website and podcast:

The upcoming Christ At The Checkpoint conference in Bethlehem, Palestine on March 5-9, 2012 will show We Hold These Truths’ latest video, Christian Zionism:  The Tragedy & The Turning, Part I.

Now that Carlson is claiming that Checkpoint 2012 will show his work, what will Checkpoint say in return?

Checkpoint 2012 is organised by Stephen Sizer, the Reverend John Angle, amongst others, and will be hosted by the Bethlehem Bible College.

The Checkpoint conference itself will, most likely, be racist and antisemitic.

At Checkpoint 2010, Dutch missionary-turned-antizionist activist Brother Andrew, spoke with Stephen Sizer about the need for a Christian jihad. Both men agreed that Islamist jihadists had “every right” to attack Western countries.

The organisers of Christ at the Checkpoint 2012, have taken Dr Jim West as an ally against Zionism and Christian Zionism. West is an American theologian who wants to rehabilitate the Nazi theologian Kittel, and thinks Luther’s book On The Jews and their Lies is essentially a work against the falsehood of Jews.

New Statesman/Guardian writer Ben White and 972 blogger Porter Speakman are scheduled to speak at Checkpoint 2012.

Christians from various denominations will speak at the event. Samuel Rodriguez, the President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, is speaking. Also attending are popular US preacher (and former “spiritual adviser” to Bill Clinton) Tony Campolo, and President of the World Evangelical Alliance and Asia Evangelical Alliance, Sang-Bok David Kim.

A Far Right activist, and ally of prominent Holocaust deniers,  now claims he will show his film to Checkpoint 2012.

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