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Can someone translate this (I presume) not-very-gracious tweet from George Galloway on the death of Christopher Hitchens?

A reminder: While Hitchens was attacked by thugs of the fascist Syrian Social Nationalist Party for daring to deface one of their neo-swastika signs in Beirut, Galloway was pleased few years earlier to address a celebration of SSNP supporters in Canada.

The SSNP of course is standing firmly behind the murderous dictator Bashar al-Assad in his efforts to crush the Syrian uprising.

“[A] fucking guttersnipe… and thug and liar and ponce for fascism”

–Hitchens accurately describing Galloway

Update: Expressing a sentiment similar to Galloway’s– who appears to believe that Hitchens is deservedly burning in Hell– Inayat Bunglawala titles a blog post: “Christopher Hitchens – The World Is A Better Place Without Him.” He quotes another Harry’s Place acquaintance, Craig Murray, who wrote:

The world will undoubtedly be a duller place without Christopher Hitchens. Oh, and a better one too.

British journalism is full of people of the same generation who have lurched from the Trotskyist far left to a crazed neo-con agenda with no intervening period of sanity. I suspect the available riches for zionist propagandists are a major factor. Hitchens, Aaronovitch, Phillips, Cohen. You can probably think of others. A strange and extremely unpleasant manifestation of intellectual prostitution.

Given Hitchens’s own lack of respect for the dead he despised, I am sure he would not have expected (or wanted) his own enemies to behave any differently.

But to call Hitchens “a zionist propagandist”? If you’re going to hate someone, at least be accurate.