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Flynn Withdraws and Apologises

The JC reports:

The Labour MP Paul Flynn has apologised for questioning the loyalty of the British ambassador to Israel because he is Jewish.

Mr Flynn said: “Clumsily expressed remarks of mine have caused anger and upset.

“I greatly regret the interpretation that has been placed on them and I fully understand why offence was given. Some of the interpretations of these words were exaggerated suggesting malign intent that was never present or intended. Inference was built on inference.

“My friend Robert Halfon absolved me of the charge of antisemitism but said that my remarks could imply an unacceptable prejudice. On reflection, it is clear that Robert’s criticism is fair.

“Other greatly respected friends have urged me to withdraw the remarks and apologise. This I am happy to do.

“There is no reason that anyone of any race or religion should be debarred from public office. That has always been my opinion. The comments were made in a heated exchange in a select committee discussion on probable warmongering. Other information received contradicts criticism I quoted on the conduct of our ambassador. I regret any offence caused. However, I will continue to press for a full legitimate inquiry by Sir Phillip Mawer into the Fox-Werritty conduct.


The whole episode was deeply unpleasant. Flynn is not one of the Labour MPs who visit with Hamas, host hate preachers, or obsess about Jewish plots. It was surprising to see him basing his objections to the ambassador on the testimony of  Pippa Bartolotti: a Hamas supporter with a history of making disturbing and obnoxious statements. It was even more surprising to see Paul Flynn MP seeking to argue that he thought that no British citizen of non-Anglo Saxon origin should be free from the suspicion of “dual loyalty”.

Paul Flynn MP should certainly continue to press on the Fox-Werritty affair.

However, Paul Flynn appears to be basing his particular concerns, at least in part, on the following article from Counterpunch, by Jonathan Cook. He reproduces it on his blog.

As I pointed out last week, Jonathan Cook is a supporter of Gilad Atzmon. Gilad Atzmon is an outspoken antisemite the subject of a campaign by Britain’s leading anti racist and anti fascist group, Hope not Hate.

Counterpunch itself is a strong supporter of Gilad Atzmon. Here is an article on Counterpunch in support of Atzmon by the lunatic racist, Kathleen Christison. Here one by his one time fan, Mary Rizzo. And another one by Southampton based academic, Oren Ben Dor. And another by Jeffrey St Clair.

Here are some articles by Gilad Atzmon on CounterpunchThey are only afew of those they have published. In this piece, Atzmon bigs up the neo Nazi, Eric Walberg! In this one Atzmon attacks the veteran Jewish anti-Zionist, Lenni Brenner (and identifies Jews with Christ killers).

Counterpunch also repeatedly publishes the neo Nazi and Holocaust denier who calls himself “Israel Shamir

My concern for Paul Flynn MP still stands. He has fallen in with the Far Right. He doesn’t even realise it.