Class warfare

“Is liberal Hollywood using class warfare to brainwash our kids?”

Yes, that was an actual question asked by Fox Business host Eric Bolling of Dan Gainor of the conservative Media Research Center– who, of course, readily agreed.

The subject of their scorn was the new Muppets movie, which features a villainous oil tycoon called Tex Richman.

Of course “liberal Hollywood” is every bit as corporate as the oil industry and just as focused on generating profits. I suppose if Hollywood consistently made lots of money producing movies and TV shows featuring rich capitalist heroes, we’d see more of those. But it seems the darned public (including kids) has a taste for films featuring underdogs facing and overcoming more powerful forces.

If Fox Business had been around in 1946, what would the spiritual ancestors of Eric Bolling, Dan Gainor and Andrea Tantaros have said about the portrayal of Mr. Potter the banker in Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life”?

I think the name “Joseph Stalin” would have been invoked at some point.

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