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Fascist Rally Cheers Atzmon

via Gilad Atzmon’s website, here is a short clip who shows this racist and supporter of Holocaust denial leading his – largely white and middle aged – audience in a chant:

Atzmon encourages his audience to chant “NO” to the Board of Deputies of British Jews, who had voiced opposition to racism.

Atzmon, of course, doesn’t have the guts to encourage his audience to chant “NO” to Britain’s leading anti-racist and anti-fascist campaign, Hope not Hate.

Hope not Hate leads the campaign against Gilad Atzmon’s racism and promotion of Holocaust denial.

There is no substantive difference  between those who joined with Gilad Atzmon at this rally, and those who jeer and attack anti-fascists at a British National Party or English Defence League rally.

If you can identify any of those in this video, feel free to post their names below.

Meanwhile, I see that the official Palestinian Mission in Britain is a fan of Gilad Atzmon.

I wonder how the Palestine Solidarity Campaign feels about that.

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