Laura Stuart: “The leadership of the PSC has to firm up”

Laura Stuart has previously spoken at a London PSC meeting, warning the PSC about “people in the Finchley area” who have dual loyalties. She received a round of applause for this from the PSC activists.

In September, whilst defending Gilad Atzmon, Laura Stuart emailed an antizionist activist this video, entitled What Famous Men Say About the Jews (all negative), uploaded by a user called “Aryan000005“.

Now she has turned against the PSC. She writes:

To be successful against the Zionist machine we have one weapon in our favour and that is solidarity. Every person following alternative media and who discovers the truth about injustice and the perpetrators of oppression finds it difficult to sit and do nothing.

As a Muslim, I have to operate within the Islamic worldview, the left-wing activists have their own views and they don’t agree with some of our religious restrictions. However, on the whole we do not attack each other publicly or seek to disown, distance or discredit each other.

A chain is as strong as it’s weakest link, and sadly at this time we are witnessing a weak link right at the top of the UK’s Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) leadership.

Some statements of appeasement to Zionists have been made by PSC leadership. This immediately led to an article on Zionist blogs which condemned the statement, twisting it’s words and saying it was not enough. Even more worrying is the fact that PSC leadership have released a statement saying they do not work with Gilad Atzmon. Why? What possible reason is there for that statement? The immediate result was further comments on Zionists blogs asking, well, if the PSC is distancing itself from Gilad Atzmon, why didn’t it distance itself from Sheikh Raed Salah? In reality, Gilad Atzmon has huge support at PSC branches around the UK.

You see now? There can be no appeasement, there can be no weakest link, and anything said to curry favour with Zionists fails miserably and only creates more demands. Gilad Atzmon is not anti-Semitic  – if he were, his book, The Wandering Who?, would not be have been endorsed by some of the top humanists and academics of our time. Sheikh Raed Salah is also not anti-Semitic and the accusations against him, made by the very dubious translations of CST, failed to stand up to scrutiny.

Some very good activists have been encouraged to fall on their swords by the PSC  leadership because they believe some aspects of the holocaust should be re-examined. If they are not using PSC as a platform to express those views, why is it any business of the PSC? For example, if I believe the only solution to the Israel-Palestine situation is global jihad, isn’t that my business as long as I am not saying it is PSC policy or using my position within the PSC to promote that view?

There is an endless witch hunt going on in the UK by Zionists and a very small group of particularly venomous [self-proclaimed] anti-Zionists who want to control every group of activists, including those activists’ personal views. It is very shameful, but by now equally well known that the small group of [so-called] anti-Zionists are like a cancer within the movement, writing vile accusations on blogs and in emails about people (including me) and phoning people up, insisting to control who speaks or performs in public. Recently we saw how even men of the cloth were subject to a concerted hate campaign to halt a jazz concert, an action which had echoes of the Third Reich’s censorship of jazz players in Nazi Germany. It was no surprise to me (an ex-Christian) when the Dean of Bradford tried to appease all sides in the dispute and ended up looking very wobbly and upsetting everyone.

There has to be real belief in our hearts that we are able to stand firm in the onslaught of lies, libellous blogs and, in my case, even anonymous and threatening emails. But if I can withstand those rather sinister attacks then, surely for those who are leaders within the movement it should be like water off a ducks back.

We are now at a crisis point. The leadership of the PSC has to firm up because the vultures are already circling in the belief that the solidarity has been broken and the movement is falling apart.

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