Mona El-Tahawy

Mona El-Tahawy – previously discussed on Harry’s Place taking-on Tariq Ramadan – is reported to have been sexually assaulted and had limbs broken by Egyptian Police.

I chose to link to a Daily Mail quite deliberately, and to highlight the opening comment from one Onslow1066:

SO, Don’t go there !!!!! These reporters want the MONEY and they go to these troubled lands and think everything is just like at HOME. Well it’s not. This should not have happened to her, but is she had stayed away she would have been ok.

24/11/2011 18:41

Quite apart from the fact that this moron does not seem to have comprehended that El-Tahaway is Egyptian, when even a Daily Mail piece shows more humanity and compassion as yow, the time maybe has come to ask “Am I a complete and utter zob ibn’ ars?”.

Update: From El-Tahawy’s Facebook page:

A million thanks for all messages of support after I was beaten, sexually assaulted by riot police and then detained 12 hours by Interior Ministry and the military. My rifgt hand and my left arm are broken but mt spirit remains intact and I look forward to massive Tahrir turmoit on Friday.

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