The Far Left On Gaddafi

It isn’t only Chavez who regrets the fall of Gaddafi.

The Workers’ Revolutionary Party – a rape cult funded by Gaddafi whose members once included Bob Pitt and Vanessa Redgrave – has really outdone itself:

COLONEL Gadaffi was yesterday badly wounded by a NATO air attack on a convoy of vehicles outside the city of Sirte.

It was said that he was then finished off with a shot to the head by local counter-revolutionaries or NATO special forces.

Gadaffi died a hero, defending Libya against the NATO oil thieves.

His heroism will inspire millions of Libyans, Arabs, workers and youth throughout the world to take up the struggle to smash imperialism.

On the contrary, the names of those who organised his murder, and the rape of Libya, Cameron, Hague, Sarkozy and Obama will stink throughout history.

They have destroyed Libya’s infrastructure and are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Libyans in their quest to hold Libya’s resources in their hands.

His death will not mean an end of the struggle against the colonisers and their agents. In fact, the struggle will be stepped up by the tens of thousands of youth who will be inspired by his refusal to give way to the requirements of imperialism.

The major lesson from the Libyan struggle – never to trust the imperialist ruling classes – must never be forgotten by the working class, particularly in Europe, as the revolution against the savage cuts policies of the ruling classes gets under way.

To win this struggle the working class must match the ruling class in every department, including class consciousness and ruthlessness.

Great stuff!

Sadly, the great Socialist Workers Party theoretician and blogger, Richard Seymour has yet to opine on the overthrow of Gaddafi. A few months ago, of course, he told Guardian readers – where he now has a regular column – that “Gaddafi is stronger than ever in Libya”.

The antisemite, John Wight at Socialist Unity has this to say:

This is a huge victory for NATO and for the concept of ‘humanitarian intervention’ – code for imperialism. A pro-western government will now be installed, Libya’s oil will be carved up, and thus the Arab Spring as a rising of the people, by the people, and for the people ends.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union the West has reached for global hegemony. Regime change in Libya constitutes the latest stage in that process.

Intriguingly, Guido is claiming that:

The New Statesman’s Mehdi Hasan was lamenting the dictator’s demise and the “imperialist war” waged by the West last night

Is he being mischievous?

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